Uruguay Government to Sell Pot?

by duncanr

In a bold move to stem the tide of violence stemming from competing drug cartels, Uruguay President Jose Mujica has put forward a Bill that would undcercut the drug cartel’s profits by setting up Government controlled dispensaries where registered adult users can buy cannabis cheaper than they can do from a dealer on the street

The move would save the Government a lot of money that they currently spend trying to crack down on the sale and distribution of cannabis, it would also . . .bring the government some additional income if they take over the supply of cannabis and impose a tax on it’s sale This extra revenue could be used to fund programs aiming to help drug addicts seeking to kick the habit and to strengthen Government attempts to combat the cocaine trade

The Bill seems likely to be passed into law since it has broad cross-party support in Congress. If, indeed, that happens, expect other South and Central American countries to follow suit. But don’t expect the USA to look upon this move with any favor !

Source – http://tinyurl.com/84b6l75


7 Responses to “Uruguay Government to Sell Pot?”

  1. The U.S. should take a lesson from this although, as you point out, it most likely never will. Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, thus it should be decriminalized, then regulated, as alcohol is. I imagine most law enforcement officers would agree that continuing to fight marijuana use is draining away time and resources that should go toward the real threats, like cocaine, heroin, and meth.


  2. Never touched the stuff but all in favor of its legalization


  3. Actually the U.S. is currently studying Portugal and it’s open dug laws. In Portugal, all drugs are legal and for the last ten years the drug/crime rate has dropped significantly because of it. The Nationa drug laws in the US are so uptight in the area of decriminilization it’s it’s drug laws. It really should take a lookat other countries where open drug laws are actually successful. Unfortunately greed in Big Pharma has been allowed to run amock and locked us in tight with the status quo.


    • And nowhere more so than in the UK, where corruption is such that, on the one hand, the government supports a law that imprisons medicinal cannabis users, claiming it has no therapeutic benefits; and on the other allows GW Pharmaceuticals to produce its cannabis tincture Sativex.



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