How Fat Are You?

by duncanr

Are you fat overweight ?

Where do you stand in relation to other adults?

Click following link to find out –


7 Comments to “How Fat Are You?”

  1. my scales are wrong, I tell ya ! 😳


  2. I aint tellin yous wot turf has peeps wot iz heavy dig wot I iz.


  3. Average weight in the US is 180lbs. I haven’t seen that weight since HS.


  4. How can you tell whether you’re really overweight, or just undertall?


  5. “And while the US makes up only five per cent of the world’s population, it accounts for almost a third of the world’s weight due to obesity. In comparison, Asia has 61 per cent of the world’s people but only 13 per cent of the world’s weight.”

    So they’re saying the average American weighs 30 times more than the average Asian?? Someone doesn’t know how to calculate stats.


  6. Doesn’t take height into account though.


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