Chloe Smith : Sacrificial Lamb

by duncanr

George Osborne, the UK Chancellor made a right pig’s ear of his budget. Measure after measure he announced back then has since been dropped. In the latest U-turn, the planned introduction of a 3p rise in fuel tax has been postponed till Jan 2013

Invited to explain this latest U-turn to Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, Osborne ‘bottled it’ and sent along a Junior Minister, Chloe Smith, in his stead

She did not fare well – prompting Paxman to ask at the end “Do you ever think you are incompetent?”


5 Comments to “Chloe Smith : Sacrificial Lamb”

  1. this is a long vid

    first part sets the scene for the interview/interrogation that follows

    if you want to go straight to the mauling of Chloe Smith, jump forward to 6.20 mark


  2. Gawd…. I hate politicians of her ilk.

    ……almost, but quite, as much as the odious wee shite Osborne, and his mate.

    Many times during the tenure of the last shower of lying, weasel-worded twats that purported to run this country, I was forced to turn off the car radio on my way to work when some pointless, mealy-mouthed little bastard such as her (usually Yvette Cooper, as it happens….) would pollute the airways with party line drivel.

    If Paxman isn’t ennobled before they revamp the House of Lords, so that he can keep on the backs of the slimy bastards there after his BBC career ends, then justice does not exist.


    • I see there’s been some folk calling Paxman a bully (

      Been suggested that current political interviewers are so much older and more experienced than present day incumbents of political office that it’s not a fair match having them interview current politicians

      I think this is a load of bollocks

      What is the point of interviewing a politician if you are going to hog tie the interviewer, insisting they show deference and respect to the politician and allow them to evade giving a direct answer to the questions put to them?


  3. It reminded me of this……


  4. More pure class from Malcolm Tucker.


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