It’s an Ill Wind . . .

by duncanr

that blows nobody any good – so the saying goes

But research out of John Hopkins University suggests – in the case of farts, anyway – that this may not be the case. That farts can be considered a form of alternative medicine

So, guys, the next time your missus complains about you passing wind in bed, explain you’re doing it for her benefit – because you love her and you’re concerned for her well-being


4 Comments to “It’s an Ill Wind . . .”

  1. I just wish I could come up with an invention that used methane (fart) gas as fuel! Just imagine, you fart into a funnel or tube going to your car’s tank, and don’t have to pay a dime! It would be the worth the embarrassment!


  2. A new kind of gas-guzzler?


  3. Bill Gates is working on it, right now (probably in another sense, too…):


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