Scientific Hangover Cure

by duncanr

10 Comments to “Scientific Hangover Cure”

  1. Egg, banana and fruit juice for breakfast ????
    Oh dog please tell me he’s joking !!
    Forget bleu kin de pump and dili chorly. This should be declared manky meals winner in absentia


  2. duncan what’s up?
    I just posted a comment to the MMR thread, which disappeared off the planet.
    I did my best to retype and post again from memory, but it too disappeared!


    • for some reason WordPress dumped your comment in the Spam folder, allesklar – I have fished out the 2nd fuller comment and it is now visible on the MMR/Autism thread


  3. That is right on the money!


  4. Hmmm…. I often drink carbonated water between alcoholic drinks. It seems i should switch to flat or tap water instead.


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