Science : It’s a Girl Thing

by duncanr

As part of a campaign to encourage more women to consider science as a career (, the European Commission has released a video entitled “Science : It’s a Girl Thing

The video has provoked many negative reactions. So many, in fact, that the video has since been taken down.

Click the ‘read more’ tab to view one video response from a female scientist critical of the Commission’s promotional video . . . .

Any Madhatters (Eunice ?) got a view on the EU video?


6 Comments to “Science : It’s a Girl Thing”

  1. Er, speaking for myself, I thought the promotional video would be more usefully targeted at men – encouraging them to consider science as a career for the chance of hooking up with all those long-legged, min-skirted, stiletto-heeled, ‘hot’ women scientists the vid suggests are working in the field?


  2. I know that the EU waste a shit load of money, but that load of patronising old tripe is truly irresponsible.

    Someone should be sacked….. and not just Bob Diamond. Ok, I know it;s nothing to do with him, but he should be sacked anyway.


  3. I wonder if any women were involved in the planning of this video?

    It’s got the feel of a soft porn vid designed by men to appeal to men


  4. Oh, for God’s sake–what in the hell is wrong with that?

    PS–I wonder if Dr. Meghan Grey is aware that there are almost certainly a few million men watching her video, and jerking off to her face and voice!


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