Meet Grandad

by duncanr

This is my grandfather, folks.

I only found out today, when I read the report on the DNA test results

Even more astonishingly, it seems I’m related to my fellow madhatters, nobblysan and ratty – for he is their grandfather too !

How is this possible?

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17 Comments to “Meet Grandad”

  1. Dear Duncan,

    NobblySan and myself thank you for your private emails drawing our attention to the above article. However, having consulted with one another, we feel that this newly discovered “relationship” (Family, as you put it) places no obligation on either of us to pick up the ‘tab’ you’ve run up at your off-licence.

    Futhermore, whilst we sympathise with your present monetary difficulties (which you explained in great detail) we also feel that your entreaties for financial aid on a monthly basis “Efter aw, we’re brothers, noo” cuts no ice with us.

    Best wishes in your attempt, as a direct descendant of Adam and Eve, to claim rent from everyone on the planet.

    ratty and Nobbly.


    • Thanks for that, ratty.

      I’m sure that it’s had a more calming effect than my initial drafted reply of “You can fuck off, you freeloading beardy old twat!” would have had.


  2. Sssshhh! Don’t tell duncan, but that’s not his grandpa.
    Mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) is inherited from the mother only.


  3. Do you, like me, find these things absolutely fascinating? I mean, like going back in time and finding your true lineage? It’s often tempting to deviate a little on these quests for THE TRUTH and go off on a tangent. The results of doing so are often quite rewarding and can throw up a few surprises. For instance, did you know that it is 100% FACT that the Kilt originated in Cornwall several centuries before the Scots laid claim to it? – Bet you didn’t !

    Anyway, that’s just a trifling little FACT that doesn’t merit further discussion. Nuff said. Say no more. On to other things I say.

    Subject Closed.


  4. And he doesn’t even look that old!


  5. Shouldn’t his face look a little more ape-like?


  6. However, while on a ‘commando’ mission, wee wullie wankee worked out how to store Lorne Sausages and Haggis under his kilt for several weeks, a successfully guarded secret to this day (although the truth is, nobody really wants to know…)


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