Something for the Weekend – No 13

by duncanr

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8 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 13”

  1. This man was an early childhood hero of mine. I grew up listening to tales and songs about him


    • Hey, mac, did ye see him as he cam doun by Gorgie
      Awa owre the Lammerlaw an north o the Tay?
      Yon man is comin an the hail toun is turnin out
      We’re aa shair he’ll win back tae Glesca the day
      The jiners an hauders-on are merchin fae Clydebank
      Come on nou an hear him he’ll be owre thrang tae bide
      Turn out Jock an Jimmie, leave yer cranes an yer muckle gantries
      Great John Maclean’s comin hame tae the Clyde
      Argyll St and London Road’s the route that we’re merchin
      The lauds frae the Broomielaw are here, tae a man!
      Hey Neil, whaur’s yer hauderums, ye big Heilan teuchtar
      Get yer pipes, mate, an merch at the heid o the clan
      Hullo, Pat Malone, shair A knew ye’d be here, so,
      The red an the green, laud, we’ll wear side by side
      Gorbals is his the day an Glesca belangs tae him
      Nou great John Maclean’s comin hame tae the Clyde
      Forward tae Glesca Green we’ll merch in guid order
      Will grips his banner weill, that boy isnae blate!
      Aye, weill, man, thair’s Johnnie nou, that’s him thair the bonnie fechter
      Lenin’s his feir, laud, and Liebknecht’s his mate
      Tak tent whan he’s speakin for thae’ll mind whit he said here
      In Glesca, our city, an the hail warl besides
      Och man the scarlet’s bonnie, here’s tae ye Heilan Shonie
      Great John Maclean’s comin hame tae the Clyde
      Aye weill, whan it’s feenisht A’ll awa back tae Springburn
      Come hame tae yer tea, John, we’ll sune hae ye fed
      It’s hard wark the speakin, och, A’m shair he’ll be tired the nicht
      A’ll sleep on the flair, mac, an gie John the bed
      The hail city’s quiet nou, it kens that he’s restin
      At hame wi’s Glesca freens, thair fame an thair pride
      The red will be worn, ma lauds, an Scotlan will merch again
      Nou great John Maclean has come hame tae the Clyde


    • Gaughan did an excellent rendition of Ed Pickford’s ‘The Workers’ song’. I’ve posted the more up to date version of it by the Dropkick Murphys before, so shan’t repeat myself. Look up Gaughan’s version though….


    • Tell me whaur ye’re gaun, lad,
      An who ye’re gaun tae meet
      A’m headed for the station
      That’s in Buchanan Street,
      A’ll join 200,000
      That’s there tae meet the train
      That’s bringing back tae Glesca
      Our ain dear John MacLean

      There was nane like John MacLean,
      The fightin Dominie

      Tell me whaur he’s been, lad,
      An why has he been there?
      They’ve had him in the prison
      For preachin in the Square,
      For Johnny held a finger up
      Tae aa the ills he saw,
      He was right side o the people,
      But the wrang side o the law

      Johnny was a teacher
      In one o Glasgow’s schools
      The golden law was silence
      But Johnny broke the rules,
      For a world o social justice
      Young Johnny couldnae wait,
      He took his chalk an easel
      Tae the men at the shipyard gate

      The leaders o the nation
      Made money hand ower fist
      By grindin doun the people
      By the fiddle an the twist,
      Aided an abetted
      By the preacher an the Press
      John caad for revolution
      An he caad for nothin less

      The bosses an the judges
      United as one man
      For Johnny was a danger
      Tae their ’14-’18 plan,
      They wanted men for slaughter
      In the fields o Armentiers,
      John caad upon the people
      Tae smash the profiteers

      They brought him to the courtroom
      In Edinburgh toun,
      But still he didnae cower,
      He firmly held his ground,
      An stoutly he defended
      His every word an deed,
      Five years it was his sentence
      In the jail at Peterheid

      Seven months he lingered
      In prison misery
      Till the people rose in fury,
      In Glesca an Dundee,
      Lloyd George an aa his cronies
      Were shaken tae the core,
      The prison gates were opened,
      An John was free once more


  2. and for something completely different – an Azerbaijani version of an old Yiddish song


  3. Seeing as all the videos of the current gigs in Manchester are all recorded from 300 yards away, here are the Stone Roses on official video.


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