Buxom Blonde Bandit Bungles it

by duncanr

Police want to get their hands on this woman (who doesn’t ?)

She attempted to rob a Queensland Service Station but made a number of elementary mistakes – she forgot to wear a mask to hide her face (probably thought that was the last place anyone would be looking) and wore a single glove to prevent leaving fingerprints but wore it on the knife wielding hand and not the free one

More details and a video here – http://tinyurl.com/7zbvfxc

P.S. anyone notice the colour of her hair ?


3 Comments to “Buxom Blonde Bandit Bungles it”

  1. I’m sorry…what knife…what hair.


  2. I’m sure I’ve seen that tarty female before.


  3. I suspect those tits are as plastic as her hair is bleach-blonde.

    What do you call an upside-down, naked blonde?

    A brunette!


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