Don’t Eat the Sausage

by duncanr

Lorne Sausage, aka sliced sausage, is sausage meat shaped into a square and sliced into portions.

Its shape makes it ideal for sticking between two slices of bread or in a roll (bun) with any combination of onions, mushrooms, cheese to make a delicious meal

For some reason, however, a Japanese Guide Book advises visitors to Scotland to steer well away from this tasty Scottish treat

Other things Japanese tourists are advised to avoid are any Scot wearing . . .a green or blue football shirt, and not to refer to the kilt as a skirt (especially if being worn by a Scot in a green or blue football shirt)

The guide also warns NEVER to refer to a Scot as English – especially if he is wearing a kilt and a blue or green football shirt!

For more advice on what Japanese toursits should or shouldn’t do when visiting Scotland, click link


9 Comments to “Don’t Eat the Sausage”

  1. On a point of etiquette, I hope that it has been mentioned that Japanese ladies, on descending for breakfast, should refrain from sliding down the hotel bannister.


  2. Ah, so !

    Scotland. I should be there, but a change of plan means I have had to postpone my visit. Maybe next month. I’ll definitely give the Lorne sausage a try. It looks delicious.


  3. The guide fails to make clear, that unlike a lobster, seeing a Lorne Sausage move does not indicate its freshness.


  4. “Other things Japanese tourists are advised to avoid are any Scot swearing…”


  5. They won’t eat the sausage, but will pay hundreds of yen to eat fugu?


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