Bed Bug Blaze Destroys Homes

by duncanr

A Kentucky woman bothered by bed bugs tried to get rid of them by supplying them with free alcohol

[now, if you offer me free booze I’m more likely to hang around rather than move on, but perhaps bed bugs acr differently]

Anyways, her plan was more successful than she had anticipated. Not only did she get rid of the bed bugs, she also got rid of her apartment, and that of 30 other families !

Details here –


3 Comments to “Bed Bug Blaze Destroys Homes”

  1. That’s at least an hour away from me so Loon can’t blame that one on me.


  2. Reminds me of a cartoon from long ago, which was set somewhere in middle America in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear war. An old farmer has flipped back the lid of his underground bunker, pokes his head out to survey the blackened still smoking ruins of a totally destroyed world, and calls out to his wife:
    “We won, Madge! And it looks like we finally got rid of those goddam hippies down in the valley”


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