Higgs Boson Particle Explained Simply

by duncanr

Unless you’re american and spent yesterday celebrating ‘Independence Day’, it would have been hard to miss the announcement that scientist in Europe have discovered a new particle which could well be the so-called Higgs Boson aka GOD particle

Why all the excitement?

Well, this BBC vid tries to make it clear to dunderheids like me

Click Here – http://tinyurl.com/bw26ap8


31 Comments to “Higgs Boson Particle Explained Simply”

  1. Imagine the BBC’s similar model of banking and the economy:
    “There are all these turds, see, in a bucket of money, and everyone pisses in the bucket to make the currency float, but then they discover it’s worthless because all the turds are hanging on to it, and nobody wants to buy it.


  2. Or maybe ‘God’ is just another word for ‘imaginary’, and that’s why the bunch at CERN don’t like the term…….


    • I’ve been doing some research into the Etymology of the expression ‘God particle’ when used to describe the hypothesised Higgs bosom.

      My investigation so far leads me to believe the first person to associate the word God with the particle was a rather disrespectful, pissed off research assistant who – after a long frustrating day in the lab – was heard to loudly exclaim . . .

      God-almighty, are we ever going to find this God-damn particle !


  3. And, how about that feller I heard on the Australian ABC talking about the Higgs Boatswain Particle…


  4. My, my, my, how defensive “atheists” are! Is Atheism a religion–one would think so, reading some of the above comments.


    • The problem with “atheism” is that it’s two-valued (all-or-nothing) thinking. Either the Creator is the “God” of organized religion (Christianity in particular), or the Creator does not exist. It’s not that simple. Everyone knows something created (and continues to create) all that exists–something far beyond our comprehension. The evidence of the Creator’s existence is undeniable, overwhelming. The question is not whether the Creator exists, but what the nature of the Creator is. And neither science nor religion can ever answer that question.


      • Atheism 101
        “It may not be said that there is no god.
        It may be said that there is no reason to think that there is one.”

        Christopher Hitchens

        Scott, you say “The evidence of the Creator’s existence is undeniable, overwhelming.” I would be interested to hear this evidence.


    • I find the agnostics more entertaining than the flat-footed atheists.
      There are four basic kinds of agnostic, who believe as follows:

      (1) He is all-good, and all-knowing, but He’s Not All There.
      (2) He is all-good, and all-powerful, but He’s an Idiot.
      (3) He is all-knowing, and all-powerful, but He’s an Arsehole.
      (4) He is All Three.

      Agnostics in general do not expect to go to heaven, but they are still quite worried about what it would be like if they did.


      • You knew where you were with Valhalla – plenty of feasting, lots of booze, wenching, and a good banter with your mates, with an occasional brawl to liven things up

        The christian idea of heaven, on the other hand, is decidedly lacking in details. Church leaders have done little to ‘sell’ heaven to punters. Perhaps if they hired some marketing men to make the place more ‘appealing’ they might get more believers?


        • The catholics had the right idea; they invented an alternative to heaven, and then pushed that as the place that you definitely don’t want to end up going to.


        • @duncanr **…perhaps if they hired some marketing men…*
          They definitely should do some work on further differentiating their existing brands.
          For example, I don’t think any of them are targeting the mass market with discount offerings. And what are they doing to target the real hard-core sinners – the ones who just like their life the way it is, as well as the ones who wouldn’t repent as a matter of principle?
          I think a lot of people would be quite happy with, say, NoName Brand Afterlife, offering a range of instant foregiveness products at attractive discounts:
          “This Week Only!
          Offset all your current sins against future good behaviour!
          “Your choice of mortal sin or major crime, with unlimited fibbing in one convenient pack!
          With guaranteed placements at Uncle Ratty’s Discount AfterLife!
          All for one low low price!”
          And of course Heaven would still be there as a niche market for the discerning connoisseur.


  5. Particle physics is getting very weird!


  6. I only have a little brain. I don’t understand any of this


  7. Precisely. And if you want to keep women’s drawers in your chest, well that’s a perfectly good place. I prefer to keep them on the Tallboy.
    I still can’t understand that theory about men’s clever bits being halfway between your chest of drawers and your niece.
    Any ideas?


    • I wouldn’t give too much importance to what Julie says.

      She’s pretty fond of the old bottle, did you know? (pouts knowingly, pulls neck in and folds arms across chest of drawers.)


      • If I were you, mate, I’d pull up my drawers-bridge and keep my head down before Julie shobers up an readth that schlurr on her good wossname.


        • Sorry. I’ve been away. I went to the kitchen to make a coffee and noticed that “The taking of Peckham 123” (the British version) was on the telly, so I stayed and watched it.

          Brilliant film.

          But not as brilliant as my mates on Madhatters, and I am so, so sorry that I allowed a poxy film to distract me from scintillating conversa . . . hang about – – back later, “Top Gear” is on.


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