Jordanian MP Brandishes Gun during TV Debate

by duncanr

And to think politicians in the UK fear appearing in front of Jeremy Paxman on TV – they should think themselves lucky they’re not asked to appear on political discussion shows on Jordanian TV . . .

On one such show, Mohammed Shawabka, a Jordanian member of parliament, exchanged insults and accusations with political activist, Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, during a live debate – finally throwing his shoe at him, then pulling a gun from his waistband . . .

Click read more tab to view vid of what happened


P.S. Just a thought, but perhaps the Jordanian TV producers might want to consider –

a. employing some security staff to prevent trouble on the set
b. searching and removing weapons from participants in debates
c. allowing the host to carry a weapon
d. all of the above

11 Comments to “Jordanian MP Brandishes Gun during TV Debate”

  1. Eat your heart out, Jeremy Kyle.


    • The above comment also appliers to the presenter, participants and viewers of the Jeremy Kyle thing.

      I was unlucky enough to be subjected to a few minutes of Kyle last week, whilst waiting in the reception area of a company in Warwick, where they had a TV lounge for the benefit (and I use the term loosely) of customers.

      Having never seen Kyle before, I was gobsmacked at what passes for daytime TV entertainment. Absolute shite. I lasted a few minutes before taking my coffee and standing outside in the rain with it – a much better situation all round.


      • I watch it every week day morning, nobbly – during the 3-5 minutes it takes to get my coffee from the canteen at work before retreating back to the sanctuary of my office. There’s a large flat screen TV in the canteen and the predominately male workforce in the assembly/machine shop choose to watch that programme during their break – the women on the other hand sit at a small table with their back to the TV ?

        Why folk choose to go on TV to air their dirty linen in public is beyond my understanding. Equally unfathomable to me is why no one has a go at JK when he is shouting/berating them. If he spoke to me like he speaks to people on his show he’d get the toe of my boot up his arse !


  2. I agree, Nobbly, it’s shite.

    I’ve seen it three toe-curling times now when I have been back in the UK.

    Unlike you, however, I can’t take my eyes off it. I find it fucking fascinating.

    I suppose that in times past, I might have been one of those people who went on guided tours of Bedlam.


  3. Hey, ratty – as our lone madhatter with a facility in arabic, could you provide us with a ‘loose’ translation of the insults these guys were throwing at one another before it got all violent ?


    • Fucking hell, my big chance to shine, to be “ratty, the knowledgeable one.”

      . . . and the sound system on my Mac doesn’t work !!!

      In all honesty, I don’t think I could have helped anyway. There are many forms of Arabic. Classical Arabic is the “proper” one and is spoken widely in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Then there is dialect Arabic which is specific to a particular country and each country has its own form. Take two dialect speaking people from two different Arab countries and the chances are they won’t know what the other is talking about.

      An example – if I wanted to say that Madhatters is “very nice” in classical Arabic, I would describe it as “Quaise qateer,” if I said the same thing in Moroccan dialect, I would say “Zweena bezeft.”

      I would assume that one of the insults traded would have been one that all Arab speakers understand, namely – “H’maar,” which translates as “Donkey.” We regard this as a children’s playground taunt, but, believe me, it’s not an insult that you would throw around carelessly, here.

      Hope that helps – Sadiaqaq ratty.


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