Something for the Weekend – No 14

by duncanr

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17 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 14”

  1. It’s all well and good to post a piece of our favourite music on here. However, for me at least, music is often so much more than that and can have the effect of prompting memories, transporting me back in time. The following by Freda Payne is just such a piece. It’s probably not that good but I just want to justify its inclusion here. I don’t want to come across as sentimental (we all know that ratty isn’t like that, after all) but when this piece was released, I was in love. In love with an unbelievably beautiful Goddess. She was tall, slim, had long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her laughter had a magic quality that made the sun shine. When we walked, hand in hand, I felt as though I was walking on air – and when we kissed . . . it was as though there was no one else on Earth – she was my Eve and I was her Adam.

    A part of my heart still belongs to her and always will.

    So, here it is – Band of Gold

    I’m buggered if I can remember her name, though.


  2. This is what ratty really digs –

    Yeah, baby . . .

    (gasp, wheeze)


  3. Like you, ratty, I associate certain pieces of music with people or events in my life

    This song forever reminds me of my first proper girlfriend – the first girl I loved, a beautiful redhead

    I was too young and immature though and not willing to make the commitment she wanted so I buggered off – a decision that tortured me for a long time.

    We’ve each been fortunate in the people we subsequently met and loved but some fate ensures our paths have crossed many times over the years. To this day we are still in almost daily touch and I consider myself fortunate to still have her as a friend


  4. This song gives me a laugh and a headache at the same time…


    • I like this version better than her earlier one. There’s a roughness to her voice now that wasn’t present when she first recorded this song and I think it makes the song sound better now


      • Quite agree duncan. Actually I wasted quite a bit of time deciding which of the so many versions to use, and the slightly raw feel of this one won out in the end.
        I think it’d have to be a candidate for the mad hatters award of worldwidewomens anthem?

        Here’s another version with some weirdness:


  5. And here’s a killer comment pinched from someone else on Youtube:

    “She got the most brilliant revenge on every last one of her exes by making them all wonder if the song is about them. Smart lady.”


    • That comment has got to have been written by a woman.

      Most men couldn’t give a shite whether it’s about them, or not.

      I mean, really, honestly – for me it was just a one night stand. If Carly wants to make a big song and dance routine about it, that’s her affair.


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