Just for the hell of it.

by NobblySan

It’s a pity he’s French. Roy Hodgson could do with signing him.


4 Comments to “Just for the hell of it.”

  1. he could sign him up to teach the england players how to take penalty kicks !


  2. Having looked at this clip, and also the others that he’s produced – mainly the practical joke ones, I can’t help but marvel at the fact that he’s not in jail.

    The French gendarmes must have a much better sense of humour than our lot.


    • I’ve watched a few of his previous escapades before too and it’s amazing he hasn’t been roughed up by some of the folk he’s made fun off. It’s a good job he can run fast. That pizza stand guy in the clip isn’t the only one I’ve seen take off after him


  3. For anyone who doesn’t know what we’re on about.

    I love the gorilla in the supermarket….. short and to the point (a bit like me.)


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