Men and Tight Spaces

by duncanr

Because men are better at maneuvering into small, tight spaces, Gallus Strobel, mayor of Triberg (a small town in the Black Forest) has designated some of the more difficult to get into parking bays in the town’s municipal car parks specially for them. While the bays designed for woman are wider than average, those allocated specifically for men are narrower and with inconveniently located concrete pillars making the approach more difficult

(see –

The mayor’s move has courted controversy, seemingly a blatant case of sexual stereotyping and a denial of equal opportunities for both sexes.

While it may be true that some women find parking difficult, not all men are adept at it and as this young woman demonstrates, some females are very good at parking in small spaces – see


2 Comments to “Men and Tight Spaces”

  1. Reminds me of this joke from “The Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes”:

    Why do women drivers have such difficulty parallel parking?

    Because all their lives, they’ve taught that this [hold your hands six inches apart] is twelve inches.


    • And the “Men in Tight Spaces” reminds me of another one:

      What do you call a prostitute and two nuns on a football field?

      A wide receiver and two tight ends.


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