Rugby Player Accused of being a Persistent Pisser

by duncanr

An Australian rugby player is under investigation over allegations of ‘ungentlemanly conduct’.

It seems rival teams have a wee problem with this particular player – they claim he urinates in his shorts just before, or during, a game to deter opponents from tackling him.

An incriminating photo – leaked to the press – showing a suspicious damp patch in the area of his crotch forms part of the evidence against the player

Similar complaints about the serial pisser last year were resolved when the player’s club undertook put a stop to it. This time round, he may not get off so lightly

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3 Comments to “Rugby Player Accused of being a Persistent Pisser”

  1. Just another reminder that truth can be so much funnier than fiction!


  2. Hmm, I should try that at my next lawn bowls comp…oh wait…never mind.


  3. Don’t you just hate people who are SO lazy that all they can be troubled to do is paste a link?

    I know I do.


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