Shit Happens

by duncanr

I don’t have any tattoos. Never wanted one. When I was a lad, they were mostly confined to sailors and soldiers, and the only time you were likely to see a lady sporting a tattoo was as an exhibit at the fair.

Nowadays, of course, they are much more common amongst both men and women. And the anchor and commando knife so common in my youth have given way to all sorts of weird and exotic tattoos

One thing has always puzzled me with regard to tattoos – what do those foolhardy blokes who have the name of their loved one tattooed on their person do when the relationship ends?

I rather like this guys solution to the problem –

[story behind the tattoo here –]


8 Comments to “Shit Happens”

  1. Better than adding insulting words to the tattoo


  2. “….and the only time you were likely to see a lady sporting a tattoo was as an exhibit at the fair.”

    This reminded me of the old song, Rawtenstall Annual Fair. An extract is below….

    “Roll up, roll up, see the tattoed lady,
    See the lovely lady with the pictures on her skin.”
    In went the lads and they began to cheer,
    To see that on her back were all the towns o’ Lancashire.
    There were Odsall Bottom, Manchester City,
    The town hall standin’ in the square.
    There were Oldham, Bolton, Ashton-under-Lyne,
    ‘Coal pit up at Burnley were lookin’ mighty fine,
    Till someone shouted “Daddy, don’t go down the mine”,
    At the Rawtenstall Annual Fair.”


  3. Thanks Nobbly.
    What a gem! I only ‘got it’ after clicking the link, and reading the whole thing from beginning.
    No doubt there are many other treasures to be found on that site


  4. That’s hilarious!


    • All this talk of shit, and poetic song reminds me of one of only two dirty limericks I know:
      [I’ll understand if you delete this, it’s pretty raw]:

      There was a young man from Corsair
      Who buttfucked the maid on the stair.
      The bannister broke
      So he doubled his stroke
      And polished her off in mid-air.


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