Afghan Woman Executed for Adultery

by duncanr

Reuters news agency has been given a video showing an Afghan woman accused of adultery being executed – apparently by the Taliban

As far as I know, it takes two people to commit adultery. If the Taliban view adultery as such a heinous offence it merits punishment by death, can we expect to see another video showing the man she committed adultery with being similarly executed?

I rather think not !


8 Comments to “Afghan Woman Executed for Adultery”

  1. Agreed–the man is just as guilty.


  2. Though I don’t advocate execution for adultery–only for murder, rape, or torture.


  3. Duncan and Scott,

    Watch this.

    In any civilised society, adultery is not a crime, it is a personal matter.

    Yesterday I nearly posted the same article as you did, Duncan, but was going to title it “The basic evil and inhumanity of organised religion”.


    • have to wait till I get home to check out your link, nobbly


    • Like all gangs, whether (so-called) “Christian” or “Muslim”, composed of cowardly bullies. You can bet they wouldn’t be so keen to do the deed on their own.
      Words just fail…


    • your title would have been very apt, nobbly

      while these murdering bastards are citing islamic authority to justify their actions, I seem to remember that the christian bible also contains parts advocating that adulterers should be put to death by stoning.

      fact is, folk of whatever faith are very adept at picking and choosing those parts of their respective religious texts that suit themselves and support what they want to believe


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