Ernest Borgnine R.I.P.

by duncanr

Last weekend I watched for the umpteenth time The Dirty Dozen, just one of the 200+ films in which actor Ernest Borgnine played a role. (Some of his other films include From Here To Eternity and The Poseidon Adventure)

Sadly, he passed away on Sunday, aged 95

Here he is, aged 91, explaining the secret of his long life


2 Comments to “Ernest Borgnine R.I.P.”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned that–I remembered him from the 1979 TV film adaptation of the novel, “All Quiet on the Western Front”–but I’d forgotten his role in “The Dirty Dozen”, “From Here to Eternity”, and “The Poseidon Adventure”.

    And just now, I remembered another one: He played an excellent bad-guy role in the film “Willard”–If you’ve never seen this, see it, one of the best horror films ever made!


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