Travelling with Kids

by duncanr

Travelling anywhere with kids can be a nightmare. If they’re not squabbling with one another, they are demanding the car be stopped on one pretext or another

I’m going to be sick

I need a pee

Or they are voicing veiled accusations that you are not travelling fast enough

Are we nearly there yet?

So I can understand and applaud this driver’s innovative solution to the problem, though the cops seemed to have a problem with it


3 Comments to “Travelling with Kids”

  1. Stefanski said he was “only going to drive around the corner” and “thought they would like it,”

    Let the kids decide. If they were willing participants, and were enjoying it, then tell the bloke not to be a prat and let him go.

    If he’d coerced them into it, then throw the book at the bugger.

    Whatever happened to common sense?


  2. That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows that’s what they made trunks for. Out of sight, out of mind.


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