Where’s Wally Sticky?

by NobblySan

I’m getting concerned about our old  mucker, Stickybud.

He’s not been spotted for a few weeks now.

Is he on an extended lavish holiday? Is he deliberately giving us a wide berth because ratty hasn’t changed his socks for a while? Has he suffered a bit of ‘backdraft’ on his bong and been sucked up into a small tube?

Or, was the following line from the preamble to his fine poem, disastrously prophetic?

“Nonetheless, until cannabis is legalised, or at least officially decriminalised, I remain a fugitive from the law.”


8 Comments to “Where’s Wally Sticky?”

  1. Seems odd that our two most prolific commentators last month have both disappeared simultaneosly

    Perhaps they’ve gone off together and are shacked up in a seedy Bed & Breakfast, where Sticky is letting Eunice play with his bong ?


  2. Maybe it’s harvest time.


  3. Ooooh-oooh-aaaah (said in a kind of echo-like way) I can feel his presence. He’s trying to tell me something.

    NO !

    No, he’s getting faint . . . he’s gone (wipes ectoplasm from mouth.)

    Yep – he’s dead.


  4. Oi, you buggers! You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead (well, people with broken computers).


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