Excellent Horse-like lady

by NobblySan

No…. guess again, you lot – I’m not referring to the Duchess of Cornwall.

This is in fact the catchy title of a bit of classic chart-topping pop from the one and only Hyon Song-wol, who may (or possibly may not) be the latest legover recipient from that famous fun-loving chubster Kim Jong-un.

If you’re really interested, you can hear all about this excellent lady and her horse-like tendencies here. I wouldn’t recommend it though…for ’tis indeed shite, and to quote the master of talent spotting TV shows ” …we mean that most sincerely, folks.”

Anyhow, leaving aside Hughie Green, Wun slung-low (or whatever her name is), it would appear that Hoo Ateall-pies despite being the leader of one of the all-time great authoritarian regimes may have bitten off more than he can chew (Surely not!)  at his latest concert.

Appearing on stage were Mickey and Minnie Mouse (can I type that without being sued?) who were there without the express permission of the all powerful Disney Corporation.

Now, the North Koreans may be a shower of twats, who are brutally ruthless when enforcing their will and warped values onto a submissive and subjugated population, but believe me, they are mere amateurs when compared to Disney.

Watch out Kim – the ghost of Walt and his hordes of lawyers are after ya!


2 Comments to “Excellent Horse-like lady”

  1. that theatre organ at the start makes it sound like the song was recorded in Blackpool


  2. Horse-like lady? Not a fair comparison–the chick looks a hell of alot better than a horse!


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