School Pupils Rate Swear Words

by duncanr

Parents of kids at a school in Barnsley are pissed off with the fucking teachers – seems the cunts have been teaching the bastard weans swear words.

Angry dad Lawrence Sparks said he was fucking disgusted when he found out part of his 12 yr old daughter Lauren’s fucking homework was to grade how fucking ‘offensive’ certain swear words were and to indicate in what fucking situations it would be appropriate to use them

A spokesperson for the school said . . . As part of our bloody social responsibility we fucking educate the wee gobshites to understand what fucking kind of language is fucking appropriate and in what bastard context

Click the bastard link for for more on this fucking story –


4 Comments to “School Pupils Rate Swear Words”

  1. Crikey, what is the blinking world coming to.

    I mean, and not to put too fine a point on it, blimey.


  2. Blooming heck, mother would have a flipping fit if she heard me. FGS – (For Goodness Sake.)


  3. That’s got to be the most counterproductive school project I’ve ever heard of.


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