Mormon Magic Underwear

by duncanr

Magical Mormon Underwear, anyone?

You too can have a pair of drawers like Tom Cruise

Just visit

Alternatively, you could wait.

Madhatters are planning our own line of reasonably priced magical underwear for both men and women manufactured by a team of highly skilled Cornish pixies.

We are still setting up our online store, but . . .here’s Nobbly and Julie with a quick preview of the Madhatters Magical Unmentionables

[the underwear can be accessorized with a choice of headwear]


5 Comments to “Mormon Magic Underwear”

  1. Stormin’ Mormon !

    Can these be worn with a Bible belt?


  2. Duncan, you forgot to mention our exciting new range of swimwear.


  3. That first women still looks hot.


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