Cops Kill Wrong Man – Blame Man

by duncanr

Lake County cops, looking for a man suspected of attempted murder, visited an apartment in the middle of the night

When the occupant opened the door, it was the wrong man, but they shot him anyway

Problem was, when the cops woke the occupant of the flat by banging on his front door, they decided not to announce that they were police officers – for ‘safety’ reasons

And that’s when it began to go wrong !

The occupant, perhaps . . . apprehensive as to who was banging on his door in the middle of the night, armed himself with a gun before opening the door. That was a fatal mistake. When they sighted the gun, the cops opened fire and killed him.

Defending the police action, a lieutenant said –

The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police officer, you’re going to get shot

[and that applies, even if you don’t know it’s a cop on the opposite side of the door]


7 Comments to “Cops Kill Wrong Man – Blame Man”

  1. Knock, knock ! ! !

    Who’s there ?


  2. what a great lesson to teach to the children.


  3. Dipshit gun ownership laws.

    He’d still be alive if he hadn’t been able to own a lethal weapon.

    True…they may have shot him anyway, because the US plod do have a bit of form in that area.


  4. Let me guess–Lake County’s in Florida?


  5. Good comment, Nobbly.

    Can you imagine a weekend night anywhere in the UK if similar gun ownership laws existed?

    I’d be afraid to pop down to the pub in case I looked at someone “a bit funny, like.”


    • Time was we used to demand young whippersnappers show respect to their elders

      Now the little gobshites get all uppity if we ‘disrespect’ them – fucken bastards !

      Bloody good job they (most of them anyway) don’t carry guns – else we wouldn’t have to worry too much about the size of our pension


  6. Nicely put, Duncan.

    YES, and I feel compelled to repeat that.

    Err . . . Nicely put, Duncan.


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