God Moves in Mysterious Way

by duncanr

On July 4, 9 yr old Jacob Holdaway was hit on the head by a ball while out playing.

When he began to vomit, his parents rushed him to hospital where tests found a large growth in his brain. Doctors were able to surgically remove most of this growth and young Jacob will now have chemotherapy to tackle the remaining mass that could not be removed because it is wrapped round a nerve

Jacob’s parents have been supported during this anxious time by family, friends, and their church.

Their religion is a . . .source of strength and comfort to Jacob’s parents and they see the hand of God behind the revelation of Jacob’s illness

We have faith in God. He’s in control all the way,” said Andy Hamilton, Jacob’s father. “If he hadn’t gotten hit, we wouldn’t have found out.”

Credit where credit’s due. God played a blinder there. Nice one, mate. You really do move in mysterious ways, don’t you?

just one question, though – why’d you give Jacob a tumor in the 1st place?

Source – http://tinyurl.com/75venju

P.S. best wishes to Jacob for speedy recovery


6 Comments to “God Moves in Mysterious Way”

  1. Good point. Though evidence of the Creator’s existence is unmistakable and overwhelming, there is no evidence that the Creator intervenes in our lives.


  2. Maybe He didn’t give the kid cancer…maybe the cesspool we created in our crappy planet did.


  3. A higher authority intervenes in my life.

    But that’s marriage for you.

    25 years today. It was raining then as well.


  4. Congratulations, Nobbly.

    (But, what are you doing still posting at 10.41pm???)


  5. 25yrs, eh?

    that woman’s a bloody martyr

    congratulations to you both !


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