Neighbour Catches Falling Girl

by duncanr

7yr old Keyla McCree had a lucky escape when she survived a fall from a 3rd story apartment with only a few scratches – thanks to Steven St. Bernard

The little girl, who is autistic, squeezed out of the 3rd floor window while her mother was taking her brother to the bathroom

Neighbour Steven St. Bernard rushed over when he spotted the girl dancing on top of an air conditioning unit and managed to catch her in his arms when she fell

Fulll details here – ttp://


3 Comments to “Neighbour Catches Falling Girl”

  1. Bloody fantastic ! – Well done, that man.


  2. It’s a bloody good job that Samit Patel didn’t live nearby.

    (Apologies, but that’s a cricket related joke. If you don’t get it….tough – I can’t be arsed explaining)


  3. I had read about this story, but hadn’t seen the video. Amazing Video Lucky Girl.


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