Welcome to London

by NobblySan

Greetings to all you international visitors! Here to watch the olympics, are you?

Enjoy yourselves;  but just make sure that you don’t get too close to any of our simply wonderful British police…. you never know what sort of a thuggish past they’ve lived before being allowed to rejoin the police.

I never expected anything else in this case, but at times I’m appalled at what passes for a legal system in this country. Would the jury have returned a similar verdict if they had known of this thug’s past record?

The establishment  looks after its own.


One Comment to “Welcome to London”

  1. Mind you, if you’ve got the cash (you’re heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, for instance) and live in an expensive Chelsea mansion and get caught with 52 grammes of top class cocaine then you won’t even get charged!

    So it’s not all bad!



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