Nigerian Man Raped to Death

by duncanr

Uroko Onoja was a wealthy Nigerian of little sense.

Evidence of the latter is that he used his wealth to acquire 6 wives

On the night he died, he was having it away with his youngest bride when the other 5 burst into the bedroom and demanded he have sex with them too – all of them, now, right then

Faced with 6 women demanding he make love to them, Onoja refused – (I told you he had little sense !)

However, armed with knives and . . .sticks, the wives overpowered Onoja and took it in turns to ‘rape’ him. Sadly, his heart gave way just as No 5 wife was about to take her turn

Police have released this photo of Onoja, taken on a cell phone just seconds before he passed away as No 5 wife was about to straddle him on the bed

Full story here –


4 Comments to “Nigerian Man Raped to Death”

  1. Actually, the late Onoja was my father. What the story doesn’t mention is, that at the time of his passing he was the Armaments Minister for the Government and had just received $20,000,000 (Twenty million US Dollars) from the American Government which, for reasons of confidentiality, was paid into his personal account and . . .


  2. In societies where a man is permitted to have more than one wife, the man has to make a solemn promise to treat them all equally, and he is forbidden to show preference for one over the others.

    If he should declare undying love for one, then he is honour bound to declare undying love to the others. Likewise, should he bring chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for one, he should bring chocolates and flowers for the rest. If he gives one of them one up the bum, then he has to give all the others one up the bum, too.

    This man should clearly have remembered that. For it is writ.


  3. That’s terrible–and hilarious!


  4. Yep, what Scott said. I admit- I had to see what Onoja looked like just before he died. I guess I’m weird like that.


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