The Kindness of Strangers

by duncanr

Patrick Connelly loves country music

His mother and sister took him to see one of his favourite C&W singers, Blake Shelton, in concert.

But Patrick, who cannot stand and is confined to a wheelchair, became upset because he couldn’t see the stage for the people in front of him

And that’s when this happened . . .


8 Comments to “The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. Hmmm…Probably not the comment you expected but here goes nothin’:

    Why did he have trouble seeing the stage? Why were people standing in front of a person in a w/c? Why was a person in a wheelchair placed where people would be standing up in front of him? If it were my son I would have found someone to complain to right away. Mom could’ve done better by her son than handing her responsibility over to two guys she didn’t know to hold her son up like a ragdoll in front of everyone. (sorry to put it that way) Her son deserved better. The other guys did a good thing no doubt but they deserved better too- they paid for their tickets and didn’t get to see the show as expected. So now we have four people who paid good money to see a show and didn’t get what they paid for.

    Meanwhile we have a concert venue who took their money and put a person in a wheelchair where ever the hell they wanted.That’s bullshit. That mother was a doormat and should’ve been more of an advocate instead of playing the “Oh well” card and imposing on two strangers to do a job she shouldve done in the first place. Bottom line: Mom, do your job! Be an advocate for your son who can’t stand up for himself (no pun intended). I can’t stand apathy from women, it makes them appear weak and vulnerable.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act plainly states that “individuals with disabilities may not be denied FULL AND EQUAL enjoyment” offered at a public place or facility. What say ye?

    Okay I just rewatched the vid- She may have CHOSEN to take her son to a concert that was standing room only. (not sure) In that case she is more of an idiot than I thought.


  2. Nobody? *sigh* I expected a ton of haters for this one.


    • Don’t worry about it Lynn. It seems to be “Apathy month” here on Madhatters. No-one is leaving comments to posts and I find that more than a little annoying. I have this urge to grab people by the scruff of the neck, give them a good shaking and tell them to “snap out of it.” – but I just can’t be fucking bothered !


      • The apathy’s been affecting me too. That, and a very busy workload, means I’ve not been putting so many posts up or been around to comment. My boss is off to France tomorrow for a couple of weeks, however, so for the next wee while anyway, I should be able to sneak into Madhatters during the day while at work !


  3. Here’s one for you duncan – Australian TV report on julian Assange – I assume international visitors will be able to access the video.


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