Canine Agility Fail

by duncanr

Watching this vid reminded me of the time we took two of our dogs for a walk in our local park on what turned out to be a ‘Fun day’. One of the activities organised was an agility test course for dogs. Anita persuaded me to enter our two dogs. I took the younger one through first. She was game and gave it a go, though she made a few mistakes. The older dog, however, was a different story. She wasn’t interested. I ran . . .the course with her to show her how easy it was. Much to the amusement of the watching spectators, I weaved in and out of the standing poles, dragging her behind me – only she wasn’t doing any weaving and I had to keep stopping and unwrap the lead from around every pole. I jumped over the wee hurdles. She ran straight through them. I showed her how easy it was to walk along a raised plank – only to fall of when another dog caught her interest and she darted off, pulling me off the plank. She saved the best till last – the tunnel. She wouldn’t enter it. I got down on all fours, grabbed her backside and tried to push her in. She wasn’t having it. I tried a different tack. I crawled into the tunnel first and tried to drag her along behind me. She dug her heels in. We started a tug of war. I was at a disadvantage. She dug her heels into the soft earth. Inside the plastic tunnel, my feet had no purchase. There was only going to be one winner. And that wasn’t going to be me! Then she pulled her master stroke. She wriggled out of her collar. I knew I was beat. I crawled out the other end of the tunnel to howls of laughter from the spectators and a dog sat on her haunches wagging her tail (I swear she was grinning too!) Afterwards, the organiser of the event said it was the best laugh he had had in a long time and gave me a signed certificate to say that I had successfully completed the Canine agility course 😳


2 Comments to “Canine Agility Fail”

  1. That gave me a good laugh. I could just picture it.

    Nice one, Duncan.


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