Gardener’s Green Finger Causes Offense

by duncanr

A green-fingered villager near Tamworth is in a spot of bother over the shape of his bush.

He’s had it for 8 years. Neighbours and villagers like it. Think it’s a bit of fun, but the Council have now received a complaint and have despatched the local fuzz round to inspect Richard Jackson’s bush

See video report here –

While the News Channel wouldn’t show the bush for fear of offending anyone, Madhatters has no such qualms so here is a photo of the bush in question

[pic found here –]


8 Comments to “Gardener’s Green Finger Causes Offense”

  1. LMAO! Technically, that may not be what it seems to his neighbors–since it has no thumb!


  2. What a bunch of twats!
    He should give it a circumcision and make it look like the real thing.


  3. SHOCKING ! ! !

    I’ve been rendered damned near speechless by the Madhatters complete disregard for public decency by publishing a picture of this – this – THING !

    I am now scarred for life and fear I will never recover, and it’s all down to you lot. You bunch of fucking cunts.


  4. I think people should keep their mouth shut. I could easily see him converting that to a phallic symbol.


  5. Did you see the name of his local? This man really has got class!


  6. Er, by the way, Duncan – it’s ‘offence’.



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