Fat Cat Shares Cream with Workers

by duncanr

Yang Yuanqing is CEO of computer firm Lenovo.

The company made a healthy profit last year and, as a result, Yang Yuanqing was awarded a $3 million bonus

Companies awarding their CEOs and other senior management with large bonuses is not news. What Yang Yuanqing did next is . . .

Recognising the workers contribution to the profit the company made, he redistributed his $3 million bonus amongst the employees –

Some 10,000 receptionists, production-line workers, and assistants received an average bonus of around $314 each

Source – http://tinyurl.com/c3r35ye

[Hhmmn, think I’ll be dropping a copy of this story into the Suggestion Box at work – Well, you never know . . .]


8 Comments to “Fat Cat Shares Cream with Workers”

  1. That is exceptional–he puts most CEOs to shame!


  2. Wonder how much he makes before bonus


  3. I like Yuanqing.


  4. That was a very nice gesture on his part, regardless of how much he makes. Not too many would give $3 million away.


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