Male vs Female Designers

by duncanr

When it comes to women’s fashion, male designers more than hold their own when competing against their female counterparts.

Male designers, however, bring a touch of practicality that gives their creations an edge over those of female designers

Take shoes, for example

Can you tell which of these shoes were designed by a man ?

[Click on Pics to enlarge]

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7 Comments to “Male vs Female Designers”

  1. The darling pair on the right (with the bottle openers) are simply to die for. They would complement perfectly my swishy culottes, wot I designed myself, complete with discreet little pockets to house me pipe and baccy.

    More articles like this, please.


  2. I thought that was serious, until I enlarged the picture on the right–I thought it was because of the straps, which would be more practical with shoes that high!


  3. I think the one on the left was designed by a man. Obviously long wear would hurt a woman’s feet more. The one on the right, a woman would know and took that into account.


  4. Remarkably pc bearman!
    Now the obvious question, what is the name of the beer-swilling lady bearman is striving to impress. (Note: for the purposes of this question, ratty doesn’t count.)


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