For the Love of Money

by duncanr

Torrence Brown, Jr. was in Century 16 Theater when James Holmes started shooting into the crowd.

Although not physically injured himself, Brown claims to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and has hired a lawyer to sue the following . . .

a. The theatre owners for not having fitted an alarm to warn when one of the emergency exit doors was opened and for failing to have a guard standing by these doors

b. The doctor(s) who prescribed medication for Holmes without proper monitoring of him

c. Warner Bros, for making and releasing a film with scenes of violence that inspired Holmes to commit a violent act

The Post Traumatic Stress is obviously not severe enough to prevent Brown spotting a way to make money out of this tragic event but is sufficiently disabling that when casting a wide net to sue anyone who’s actions or inactions might in some way have enabled James Holmes to commit this crime, he inexplicably overlooked those who sold him guns and ammunition ?

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2 Comments to “For the Love of Money”

  1. I have no doubt some lawyer got into his head.


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