by duncanr

F*ck*n ars*ho*e.

Useless piece of f*ck*n sh*t

C*ck-s*cki*g, m*th*r-f*ck*n c*n*

Excuse the bad language, folks 😳

Just getting in a bit of practice before giving this new service a try !


11 Comments to “Schimpf-los”

  1. For our first tongue lashing, let’s start with the fucking cost of the “service”!


  2. Madhatters should move immediately to secure copyright on our most popular ‘turns of phrase’ (before the bestseller, in translation, on the famous German vebsite based, published is).


  3. Who do you call when you are pissed off at the overcharging the service charges.


  4. But . . . why go to all this trouble ?

    I mean, that’s what we have kids for, isn’t it ?


  5. I would phone them up, and then, in the politest language possible, remind them who had won both wars, beat them at the World Cup AND won the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest.


  6. ring em reversed charges


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