The Quiet Place

by duncanr

You busy right now?

Of course you are.

We all are, right?

From time to time though, we need to step back a pace

We need to visit our ‘Quiet Place’


4 Comments to “The Quiet Place”

  1. For a “quiet place”, it’s actually quite loud, visually.


  2. It’s like someone repeating ad nauseam “Hurry up and relax”


  3. I’ve just been to my “Quiet Place” and spent the obligatory 30 seconds thinking about all the people I’d like to kill, and the most painful deaths I could visit on them.

    I really learned something from that, the most important being that I should become human and not spend time on supercilious things such as telephones and i-pods and that I really should go out and kill these people.

    Thank you MH, you have given my life direction and meaning.


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