Bear Cubs Rescued

by duncanr

Some bear cubs got into a dumpster and couldn’t get out. Their cries and that of the mother bear who hovered closeby unable to help her cubs kept some local residents awake throughout the night. In the morning, they hatched a plan to help


11 Comments to “Bear Cubs Rescued”

  1. Good job these people got the bear cubs out. It’s more than likely the local council would have fined them for disregarding the rules on bin contents.


  2. That was pretty brave of them! It worked remarkable fast, too.


  3. Such a simple, yet ingenious plan!


  4. I was surprised how well their plan worked. I agree they did take a really big risk to help.


  5. Yes-I-agree-it-was-very-well-executed-and-I-am-over-the-moon-with-the-result.

    FFS !

    (Where’s my irreverant mate Nobbly got to? – – – Nobbleee ! – Noobbleeeeeee . . !)


  6. Hmm . . . no answer.

    It’s no good calling on stickybud, ‘cos he’s dead.

    But, wait ! – There’s someone who is “big, down under.” – – – Allesklaaaaaaaaaar, yoo-hooo !


  7. Fear not brave sir…for help (and foul language) is at hand.


    Well fuck me! Chuck a ladder in and let the noisy little buggers climb out – absolutely in-fucking-genious. i suppose it took them all night to hatch that complex and devilishly intricate plot.

    It might have been quicker if they’d lobbed in a couple of McDonalds double cheezy McShites and played some Justin Bleeper at them. they’d have been out of there in half the time.

    Mind you, PETA would have been down on them like a ton of organic, vegetarian, hand-woven, not-tested-on-animals bricks.

    Oh, and “hmmmmm….”


  8. hum.
    I just hope the terrrists don’t get any ideas. Think of all the vunnerable people at McDonalds Central when some abnormal person drops a half-eaten bugger in the bear-infested bin instead of everywhere else.
    Hmmm. Not a bad idea actually!


  9. But seriously. That driver needs enlightenment. What a golden opportunity missed for a bit of ‘armless fun. I am of course referring to delaying the getaway. From the safety of the cabin, you get to watch your mate playing chasings with the bears, escaping in the nick of time by jumping in the bin.
    Probably safest to get another mate to rescue your mate from the bin but.


  10. I can’t bear all this sarcasm.


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