Beckham Photo Booth Surprise

by duncanr

Adidas set up a photo-booth at London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping center – then arranged a surprise for people entering the booth to have their photo taken


5 Comments to “Beckham Photo Booth Surprise”

  1. What it is to be “famous,” eh ?

    Just imagine if you or I, tried that.

    Think about it. We would hang around on some station platform until someone went into the photo booth, wait until we heard the coin being inserted into the slot, then wearing a big, daft smile, poke our head through the curtain with a “Ha, ha, yep – it’s me !” then proceed to give them a big hug as their photos were being taken.

    Think about it . . !


  2. Ex- Manchester United players seem to make a habit of hanging around photo booths.

    Here’s Bobby Charlton trying it……


  3. In Stratford or in Peckham
    That bloody David Beckham
    Gets his kicks
    Gatecrashing pics
    And does his best to wreck ’em.


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