Zimbabwe Knickers Mystery

by duncanr

Some dirty bugger has been nicking knickers from women in Zimbabwe

On July 11, 26 women from two villages went to sleep wearing their drawers only to wake up in the morning with a draught around their nether regions where once there had been panties.

The underwear were later discovered piled in a heap in nearby woods

17 knickers were positively identified by their previous occupants – [the rest were too ‘unsexy’ the remainding ladies were too embarrassed to admit ownership ?]

Police and villagers suspect witchraft played a role in these thefts.

At great personal risk to himself, the local police chief has selflessly volunteered to take the unclaimed knickers back to his place – what a hero !

Source – http://tinyurl.com/cu8mvdd

5 Comments to “Zimbabwe Knickers Mystery”

  1. Scoff not !

    This kind of thing happens. Ratty draws your attention to a recent incident in which he was personally involved.

    I was in the neighbours back garden late at night, when all of a sudden I was bathed in the glow of a policemans torch. “‘ello, ‘ello, what’s going on ‘ere, then?” he asked.

    I tried to explain that I had seen an owl flying about with a Rotweiler clamped in its beak. Being a curious fellow, I tried to follow it, whereupon it had led me into the woods where, at the base of a tree, I had stumbled upon a pile of women’s unmentionables.

    It had struck me that the neighbourly thing to do would be to return them to the blonde, long-legged, voluptuous lady, who just happened to live next door to me, and it was while I was in the process of pinning her knickers BACK on to the washing line, that he had interrupted me !

    “Oh,” he said “and how do you account for your being naked and sporting an erection, Hmm ?”

    “Wha-what,” I said, glancing down – “Yikes !” I cried in uncomprehending disbelief at the sight of my nakedness and horn, “someone, a witch perhaps, has obviously cast a spell on me.”

    Needless to say, my story cut no ice with the Magistrate, and I was sentenced to 40 hours unpaid community service at the local laundrette. (Phwoar !)

    So, if you should ever see an Owl flying about with a canine under its wing, best to ignore it.


  2. ….hmmmmmmmmmm… it wouldn’t have been the washing line outside the bedroom window, would it?


  3. His place, huh? Gee, I wonder what he’ll do with them!


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