I’ll Show You Mine If You . . .

by duncanr

Let’s try an experiment

At 9am Sat 28 July, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I will stop and take a photograph of what I see around me and post it here.

How many folk can I get to do the same?

It may be a . . room in hour house, what your having for breakfast, the view out of your window? If you’re still in bed, it could be a pic of your twinkly toes? If you’re out and about it could be a bus, a taxi, a shopping aisle, a car park? Whatever you can see at 9am tomorrow, take a photo and post it here

There are different ways to do this –

a. upload your pic to a photo-hosting web site such as photobucket, flikr, picassa, google, imgur then include the url link of your pic in a comment here

b. copy pic from your camera to your PC then use postimage.org to upload a copy of your pic from your hard drive to the postimage server. Then copy the postimage direct link to your photo in a comment here

c. email your photo to us at madhatterscafe@gmail.com and we’ll do the rest

40 Comments to “I’ll Show You Mine If You . . .”

  1. Ho, hum . . .

    It’s 9.00am and this is a picture of me doing my usual morning workout.


    Just another day, really . . .


  2. That’s a cool idea. I haven’t had a working camera for at least twenty years, but I plan to get one soon.


    • I still have the camera, actually. It’s a Kodak I bought in my early twenties. And it was quite popular for it’s time! Of course, the film is no longer available, just as the flashbulb bar isn’t. In a century or so, it will probably be worth a great deal!


  3. Never mind the bollocks !

    Where’s my fan mail ?



  4. I think it’s a great idea.


  5. Well it’s nearly 9 (UK time)
    What I see in frint of me is my beautiful Suzuki Wagin R+, a vehicle ibviiusly inspired by the Tardis from Dictir Whi, cimplete with bliwn head gasket.


  6. 9.12 in UK – just back from Tesco. Will post my pics once put the shopping away


  7. 1st aisle facing you as you enter my local Tesco recognises this is the holy month of ramadan



  8. cheating a bit here ‘cos this pic was taken after 9.am

    after my tesco shop each Saturday, the dogs get a special chew to eat. The two pups took theirs in the garden to eat in the sun



  9. I sent in one photo. I sent it to your Email Duncan. Usually at 9am I would be sitting at my computer drinking coffee and looking at Blogs.


  10. I guess I should have set my watch to your watch Oh well. Late to the party again. :+)


  11. Today is MrsN’s birthday…. hard on the heels of our 25th wedding anniversary.

    This was our lounge window at 9ish this morning.


  12. As it happened, we got married on her mum’s birthday. Forgetting the anniversary is out because we have ‘Mum’s Birthday’ in big letters on the calendar every year.


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