Caption this . . .

by duncanr

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11 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. Wanna see my politically correct Al Jolson?


  2. Camoron loses control as his cheeky little friend gets hold of the remote control for his anal vibrator.


  3. duncan what’s the point of awarding stickybud an asterisk if he won’t even wear it?
    And what’s more, he keeps leaving his asterisks lying around in inappropriate places.


  4. Eh? What’s this talk of asterisks? (Asterisks – the gall…)

    Yes, I have been absent: I made the very bad mistake of buying Kaspersky when my Norton expired, and within 2 weeks I had been hit by a trojan horse which took out my modem. Because it was impossible to reinstall my modem driver, I had to reinstall my OS.
    But it took me weeks to do this, since I found that I was getting so much done by not sitting in front of my PC for hours on end….


    • Those Kaspersky’s are a load of shite. You can’t beat a good old 4-stroke Norton when it comes to motorcycles. And as for those Trojan Horses, I’m not surprised you were hit. They never stick in their lane, are always riding three abreast, and don’t get me started on how they ignore red lights.

      Kind of glad you’re not dead, as we all suspected.


  5. Kaspersky sounds like someone sneezing.

    Anyway, it’s probably better than getting hit by Trojan Rabbit.


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