June’s Top Gun is . . .

by duncanr

The popularity of Madhatters with visitors is as much due to the folk that leave comments as it is to the posts we put up

To recognise the important contribution commentators make to the success of Madhatters, we are going to give the folk who submit the most comments (the High Flyers) a big shout out each month

Click the Read More tab to see who were June’s High Flyers . . .

June’s ‘top gun’ with most comments submitted was Stickybud

followed closely by Uniscikill

right up her arse on her tail was Allesklar

and then Scott

As top gun commentator, Stickybud is awarded the much sought after asterisk “*” to be pinned after his username when submitting comments.

Can he hang on to that asterisk?

Will he be top of the High Flyer leader Board at the end of July?

Watch this space !


50 Comments to “June’s Top Gun is . . .”

  1. and can we please have a category for most annoying comment


  2. I wonder where the award-winning stickster is, anyway.

    Competition can’t have been that fierce if the winner is some bugger who disappeared a couple of weeks ago.


  3. He’s probably busy writing his acceptance speech.


  4. Oh geez. Writing one word per comment is the Nate Fakes way to earn respect….or lose it.


  5. If you win, do you have to put your own asterisk?


  6. why do you have to put your own asterisk?


    • if you don’t then we would have to edit each and every comment you make during the month you hold the title and retrospectively add the asterisk to your username


  7. Hey, this is an honor–really! And a brilliant (not to mention generous) idea for a blog feature! Keep up the good work–and congratulations for having the best blog on the Internet!


  8. I have a suggestion (sticking my oar in), why can’t a High Flyer permanently keep their asterisk. If, at a future time, that person wins again then he, or she, can simply add another asterisk after their user name, and so on.



  9. By the way, who’s June?


  10. Since Bud isn’t here to accept his award, can I take it on his behalf?


  11. Can’t we just bribe someone?


  12. Many thanks to ratty for revealing the corruption within the mad hatters disorganisation.
    And… what can I say… I’m honoured ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


  13. This is actually one of our worst months ever for comments, so we’ll be giving a rather small and subdued mutter out to the July winner, as opposed to the promised big shout out.


  14. On the contrary. The Top Gun on a slow month deserves an even higher recognition (asterisk in 36 pt ultra bold, anyone – hmm?)



  15. Actually, any asterisk is a bad asterisk


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