Caption this . . .

by duncanr


11 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. A rare two-headed poodle.


  2. Tony : “Why is it always so friggin’ cold? We oughta go south where it’s warm, you know, we oughta go to Mexico!”

    George : “Mexico? Hell Tony, you know me, about all the travelin’ I ever done is round a coffee pot lookin’ for the handle.”

    (Brokeback Mountain – 2005)


  3. Bush demonstrates nature of US – UK ‘special relationship’


  4. “Yo, Blair! You’re so fair – let me stroke your pubic hair!”

    “Oh, Bush! One more push – let me feel your semen gush!”

    (I wish to apologise for the above comments, which one might feel are not of the high standard expected of Mad Hatters contributors. I really am so fucking sorry.)


  5. Eeww – sticky – where do you get your inspiration? – the mind bloggles – ew – sticky – ew …


  6. Nah problem with me, mate – I ain’t no pommie poofter! Just got a creative imagination. How ya doin’, Bruce – fancy a barbie? Let’s get the the ockers round for a few tubes and a bit of the old male-bonding, eh, mate….


  7. Blair was always in bed with Bush, just as with Clinton. Whoever was President of the U.S., Blair kissed his ass. And what about Blair’s knighting of Steven Spielberg–who not only had done nothing to deserve such an honor, but was not even a British citizen? Shouldn’t the British be furious about that? I am, and I’m not even British!


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