Same Sex Marriage

by duncanr

Scotland looks set to be the 1st of the countries that together make up the UK to legalise marriage between same-sex couples –

Opposition to such marriages is generally on religious grounds – that only a marriage between a man and a woman is acceptable in the eyes of God

Wait, that’s not quite true – the Catholic Church recognizes marriage between women and mystical beings. Nuns are often referred to as ‘brides of christ’ and many wear a gold band similar to a wedding ring to symbolise that holy union. No doubt this is a blasphemous thought but if women (nuns) forego earthly pleasures to devote themselves to the service of God why are not men (priests) who do likewise not viewed as husbands of Christ?

Allow that thought and . . it becomes a bit ironic then, that men symbolically engaged in a same-sex marriage should argue against and seek to prevent mortal same-sex marriages!

Marriage is about love. About two people making a lifelong commitment to each other

The Gardner family of Main in the USA say it nicely


6 Comments to “Same Sex Marriage”

  1. “…marriage between women and mystical beings.”

    Shouldn’t that read ‘mythical’?


  2. Actually marriage was never about love to begin with–it was about property and tribal alliances. And though I feel it ungodly to renounce marriage for oneself (as nuns, monks, and priests do), I also find it ridiculous to allow homosexuals and lesbians to marry. Homosexuality is not a sin, yet neither is it a sexual preference or alternative lifestyle. Homosexuality is a psychosexual disorder–just as zoophilia, pedophilia, necrophilia, sado-masochism, etc. Take God completely out of the argument–homosexuality is against evolution. We are not designed for homosexual sex. So if we allow “gay” marriage, we should also allow marriage between a man and a sheep, a woman and a baby boy, a living person and a corpse, etc. Otherwise, we should do away with marriage altogether.


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