Caption this . . .

by duncanr


19 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. Blair hopes the others don’t notice his erection, as he fantasises about borrowing the Queen’s hat, and pulling Boy George.


  2. “Oh, come on – one must know it, surely.

    It’s a catchy little ditty, and I’m sure that even one can learn it. Just follow me:-

    One puts one’s left foot in, one’s left foot out, in….. No! Mr Cameron – not in ones mouth!”


  3. Phillip! They’re all here – fetch one’s gun…. and be quick about it before they get away.


  4. Queen thinks: “Beam me up, Scottie!”


  5. Major takes great satisfaction in the fact that HRH doesn’t realise he’s wearing a pair of her drawers.


  6. Camoron spots Blair’s erection.


  7. Brown knows (Ha! Ha! Brown nose!) that Camoron has spotted Blair’s erection.


  8. Thank gawd that dreadful Thatcher woman isn’t here. One never could stand the sour faced old trout.


  9. Not a caption, but I notice that only Brown and Grey Major have the courage of their convictions to wear the right colour of tie.


  10. Is Camoron wearing a black tie? Maybe he’s part of the ‘dark forces’ that so exercised her several years ago….


  11. HRH tells a dirty joke


  12. “This time there’s no dog to blame!”


  13. Everybody except Tony thinks it’s the funniest fart they’ve heard in a long time.


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