Russian Road Rage

by duncanr

In Russia, many folk have installed a dashcam in their cars to protect themselves against false personal injury claims (common scam is for pedestrians to jump out in front of car then sue the driver for injuring them). This provides some interesting material for youtube posts. In this clip, traffic merging from two lanes into one finds the driver of a SUV (which has right of way) being cut-up by the driver of another car. Noticing the driver of the other car has his windows open, the SUV driver exacts revenge

6 Comments to “Russian Road Rage”

  1. SUV? SUV?

    It looks more like a Toyota Landcruiser to me.

    Tsk Tsk! More bloody Americanisms…. I despair of you at times, Dunc.


  2. It reminded me of this hi-tech train wash…..


  3. Well that was a unique form or revenge.


  4. He asked for it–I love it!


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