Husband & Wife go Head to Head

by duncanr

The Insurance company had never heard anything like it

A husband and wife in Sweden driving home from opposite directions crashed headfirst into each other – the impact destroying both cars

Fortunately neither party was seriously injured

Now here’s what I don’t understand –

They were travelling in opposite direction so shouldn’t they have been on opposite sides of the road?

Since they were travelling from opposite directions, the only place they could crash into one another was the turn off to their house (if their cars met anywhere else it would mean one of them had passed the turn off) –

see helpful illustration wot I drew

yet husband estimates his speed at 40 mph and his wife’s as 30 mph and neither of them braked, even though they were approaching their turn off at a known blind spot?


One Comment to “Husband & Wife go Head to Head”

  1. Hmm . . .

    I definitely think this was a result of a design fault. You only have to look at the wheels in Duncan’s diagram to realise that both vehicles were unroadworthy.

    PS – “Neither one of us had a chance to break. There are no skid marks” said Dahl to the paper.


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