Beards and Mousetaches : Health Benefits

by duncanr

Sometimes (not often) I feel a wee bit sorry for less be-whiskered madhatters like ratty and nobbly

Research published by a team at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia reports that facial hair protects from UVR and that longer hair provides a higher UPF at the smaller SZA

See –

So I’m allright then – now if only it wasn’t for my bald heid !


3 Comments to “Beards and Mousetaches : Health Benefits”

  1. Astonishingly, the study completely ignores the additional health benefit of having a permanent repository of snack foods within easy reach. 24/7!
    Other studies indicate benefits through stimulation of immune system responses, though authorities disagree as to the causal mechanism: whether directly via bacterial agency, or through fungal-growth mediated production of antibiotics.


  2. BTW duncan what’s a ‘mousetache’?
    Hmmm. Mouse stash? Mouse ache?
    Perhaps just a smiple smelling mousetake?


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